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Ciudad de Justicia was a competition entry for the new Courthouse Campus for the city of Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires. I participated in this competition during my six month residency with Monoblock Arquitectos. The project is multi-phased and houses all of the courthouses for the city and surrounding areas.  The competition also included developing an adjacent property into a public park.  

During this project I participated in brainstorming and initial conceptual design, design of the site and park, 3D schematic modeling, 3D site modeling, floor plans, and a detailed wall section.  All work has multiple contributors.


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I participated in this urban design project during my six month residency with Monoblock Arquitectos.  The Quilmes Project is located in the city of Quilmes, just south of the City of Buenos Aires.  The client was a private contractor who was initiating discussions with the municipality and private owners.  A series of digital presentations were given over a period of 2 months.

For this project, I was in charge of researching information about Quilmes and surrounding regions, producing diagrams and maps to illustrated key factors, and determining the logical progression of images for presentations to the clients.  I was also an active participant in discussions regarding the design and vision of the project.

Renderings by Marcos Amadeo and Adrian Russo.  All other images are my work.


Undurraga-Deves Arquitectos

Centro Cultural de Argentina

I worked on this project during a two-month internship in Santiago, Chile, with Undurraga Arquitectos.  The building is a new cultural center attached to the Argentine Embassy in Santiago.  The program includes offices, a library, an auditorium, a classroom, a cafe, and display rooms.

The project is adjacent to another museum project by the same firm.  The buildings run the length of the narrow site, creating a pedestrian street between them.  The project has gentle ramps that weave up and down the length of the building to connect the different levels.
During the project, I participated in design development, working closely with one of the senior architects.  I helped with plans, sections, and schematic structural design, and worked briefly with the renderings.  All work has multiple contributors.


Further images not available to public.