Traces of Reality

Traces of Reality

We Are Now festival, Roundhouse, London 2016

Traces of Reality is a surreal augmented reality installation merging past, present and future in a social virtual reality experience. Installed as part of a performance arts festival in the Roundhouse, London, viewers could explore an interactive virtual environment with another person. We designed a custom headset for Google’s experimental Project Tango that enabled participants to walk around the virtual space at a 1:1 scale.

 While inside, viewers can see geometric abstractions of their surroundings generated in real-time. Fragmented memories from the building’s past are introduced, including 3D 1960s psychodelic art from its use as an arts venue, floating barrels of gin from its use as a warehouse, and a full-scale steam engine from its original purpose as a repair station. The environment is interactive and includes spatialized 3D sound. Developed in Unity and C#.

This project was featured by the Culture File podcast of RTE, Ireland's National Broadcast Radio. Listen to the interview through the player on the right:


Marshmallow Laser Feast


Absolut Nights presents #ElectrikLondon

Electrik London was a product release event for a limited edition bottle made by Absolut Vodka. MLF produced a VR experience and wall-to-wall LCD screen visuals for a dance hall. Responsibilities included assisting with the design and construction of an installation which included projection mapping and responsive visuals; coordinating between venue, subcontractors, and clients to ensure installations are installed on time and to specifications; and helping run the virtual reality experience.


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Three: Music Lives here

Worked with MLF to produce audio responsive visuals in a commercial for Three Mobile. Programmed the visuals using VVVV on a PC tablet. Adjusted the visuals in real time according to the shot and camera angles to maximize visual impact. Also managed wireless network to enable multiple computers and teams to synchronize visuals between screens, music, and performers.